Ivanisevic: “I was a bit ambitious in saying that Nadal had no chance against Djokovic”

Hours before Rafa Nadal and Novac Djokovic met in the final at Roland Garros, the former Croatian tennis player Goran ivanisevic, part of Novak Djokovic's coaching staff, decided to warm up the game. He assured Saturday that Nadal had no options. The Balearic won with force, and a day later has interviewed the Serbian media 'Sport Klub', in which he acknowledges that his words were excessive.

“I was really sure that Novak would win this Roland Garros. I was a bit ambitious in saying that Nadal had no chance, but I really thought that Novak was the favorite. It is true that it is Nadal's 'living room' and that he can win even when he plays worse, but he was really convinced that it was the year. However, Novak was not at his level and Rafa played a perfect match. Unfortunately, Djokovic started playing 2-3 in the third set. It was too late, “said the Croatian.

As for the causes of the result, Ivanisevic was clear. “Nadal beat him tactically. The same thing happened as in the last Australian Open. Novak 'killed' him and he got revenge in the same way. There were high expectations, a lot at stake, and from the point of view of the quality of tennis, the last two finals they have played have been very bad. The cause? I'm not sure. It all started badly. It seemed to me that the conditions were right for Novak, but it was as if he did not appear and Nadal punished him, “he added.

Finally, he spoke of the future. He believes that Nole can be champion in Paris again: “I think so. Rafa is the absolute king and when he enters his living room you have to play your best. They will play more Grand Slam finals, I hope it happens next year in Paris and I will say again which Novak can beat him“, he concluded.