She is known as ‘Croatia’s sexiest fan’ and is revolutionizing the Qatar World Cup from the stands. The reason? Her looks with a low neckline and a miniskirt, completely prohibited by the strict Arab dress code. Far from hiding, she challenges the authorities by posing from her seat, like last weekend during the match between Croatia and Canada.

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Ivana Knoll A wide variety of outfits have been brought to Qatar, each one more daring, all with the same print: the red and white squares that the Croatian players wear on their shirts. None of the outfits respect the country’s regulations, which strongly recommend on its website “that both men and women should show respect for local culture, avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.”

But Ivana has not only revolutionized the stadium. The model has also walked around Qatar in swimwear and has been photographed in suggestive poses before the astonished gaze of passers-by.

Some politicians have openly criticized the miss, pointing out that her image is not “adequate”, while she has received dozens of criticisms on her social networks: “It is inappropriate, you must respect the country you are in”, “Really “Don’t you know the rules? Don’t you have respect?”, “It’s inappropriate in our culture. Respect us,” they say.