Ivan Kuliak loses his bronze for his support of the Russian invasion during the Gymnastics World Cup


The Russian gymnast of the artistic modality Ivan Kuliak has been sanctioned for wearing the letter ‘Z’ on his shirt in support of his country’s army during the 2022 Gymnastics World Cup held in Doha, from which he has been disqualified, according to the Federation International Gymnastics (FIG).

The Disciplinary Commission of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has announced that Ivan Kuliak has been disqualified from the Doha World Cup, held last March and in which he won a bronze medal and an economic prize that he will have to return to the body . He will also have to bear the costs of the entire procedure.

For the FIG, the Russian gymnast “violated both the statutes and the disciplinary code and the code of ethics” of the body “by wearing the letter ‘Z’ on his shirt”, which is considered a show of support for the invasion of Ukraine. In addition, Kuliak will not be able to participate for one year in any competition organized by the International Gymnastics Federation. The athlete will now have 21 days to appeal against this decision if he deems it appropriate.

Who has not received any sanction have been the head of the Russian delegation, Valentina Rodionenko, nor the coach, Igor Kalabushkin, against whom charges had also been filed that have not prospered and who will be compensated.