Cristian Alvarez was in his own right the great protagonist of the dying Real Zaragoza draw in Lugo, but not even the providential goal of the Argentine goalkeeper in the long discount at the Anxo Carro can detract in the least the performance of Iván Azón, which caused, again, a penalty and left again in evidence to the Toro Fernandez already Alex Alegria, the battering rams that had been closing ownership by decision of Juan Ignacio Martínez.


Azon had been accumulating merits week after week but JIM did not decide to give him a place in the eleven until the game against Lugo. Five months had passed since his last ownership, in Gijón in Martínez's last meeting as coach, and the young Aragonese striker, still in youthful age, had been reduced with the Alicante coach his role to that of revulsive, despite the fact that his benefits they do not resist comparison with Vuckic, Fernández or Álex Alegría.

And is that Ivan Azon ha improved always these three 'competitors', but it is that, in addition, it has been fundamental in three of the last five games played by the Saragossa. Only in Montilivi in ​​front of the Girona and before him Sporting de Gijón in La Romareda he did not star in any decisive action, something that did happen in Fuenlabrada, where was the object of penalty that Tejero would transform into the winning goal of the Aragonese team. A day later, before the Almeria on The Romareda, Iván Azón was once again key when scoring the winning goal. And the last Friday, already a starter, came to the rescue in another compromised situation and was the subject of another penalty that Adrián transformed in the momentary tie to one.

Real Zaragoza Shield / Flag

So Ivan Azon has already forced two maximum penalties and has scored another two goals in Second (the first was signed in Cartagena), as well as another in the cup against the Gymnastic of Torrelavega. His goals, always upside down, They have meant four points, to which we must add another four points as a result of the two penalties forced and then transformed by Tejero and Adrián.

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