Itziar Ituño reacts and makes a decisive decision in the midst of a “wave of insults and threats”: “Black Panther”

The actress Itziar Ituño has generated a wave of reactions on social networks after last weekend he attended a demonstration in Bilbao in favor of the rights of ETA prisoners. Subsequently, several brands canceled their advertising commitments with her and the debate became even more heated on the networks.

So much so that the protagonist of The Money Heist This Friday, he declined to attend the second day of the International Congress 'Languages ​​lanean' (Languages ​​at work), organized by the Basque Government at the Guggenheim Museum. At 10:30 Ituño's own interventions were scheduled; the screenwriter, director and producer You are Urresola; and the musician and producer Pello Reparaz.

The media avalanche that has been generated is so great that José Luis Rebordinosdirector of the San Sebastián Festival, came out this Friday in defense of the actress in a connection with Public mirror: “As director of the festival, I have always been against ETA, a fascist and murderous gang, and this does not prevent me from supporting an actress who participates in a legal demonstration. He is experiencing a wave of insults and threats“.

And he added: “We can agree or not with her, that is another debate, but we are in solidarity with her. Things can be discussed, but not through threats and insults”.

Fernando Colomo, Nathalie Poza, Willy Toledo, Albert Pla, Dani Guzmán o Alba Flores There have also been some of his professional colleagues who have shown him some words of support in public. The latter, her partner in the acclaimed robber fiction, has written on her social networks: “There are many of us who support Itziar,” she has written in X.

This Friday morning, Ituño herself reappeared on social networks with a very significant message: “#BlackPanther” (Pantera Negra) and the song Width Path of the Chilean Víctor Jara, one of the most relevant musicians and singer-songwriters of protest songs, who was murdered on September 16, 1973 after being shot 44 times. Along with this message, the image of a Nahual amulet, a type of witch or supernatural being that has the ability to take animal form. An especially significant message.

The manifestation

Around 20,000 people participated in the demonstration that took place on Saturday in Bilbao, according to data provided by the Municipal Police. The protesters asked that the ordinary prison policy be applied to ETA prisoners and that their progression to third degree or permits not be appealed. The actress was behind a banner that read “Konponbiderako Giltzak” (Keys to resolution). The former Athletic soccer player Endika Guarrotxena, the historic leader of the Abertzale left José Luis Elkoro and spokespersons for the Sare collective also participated. The call also had the support of the parties EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos, Junts, ERC, CUP and BNG, the Catalan independence entities ANC and Ómnium and the nationalist unions of Euskadi.

After Ituño's participation, the Basque Country and Navarra dealer BMW Lurauto released a statement announcing its separation from the actress and Iberia withdrew from its website and social networks the campaigns in which the protagonist of Privacy. It must be remembered that in 2017, before the premiere of The Money Heist, social media users tried to boycott the series due to the actress' participation in it. They also did it for reasons related to her ideology.