Itziar Castro's mother says goodbye to her daughter, broken with pain: “I didn't expect this welcome”

The death of Itziar Castro He left the entertainment world devastated this Friday with the news of his death at the age of 46 while he was rehearsing a synchronized swimming show in Lloret de Mar, Girona. Her colleagues and friends not only remember her for her work, but also for her fight against fatphobia, for LGTBIQ + rights and for feminism, among other causes.

This Sunday, December 10, is one of the most painful days for friends, family or followers who come to say goodbye to the actress at the Sala Pal·ladius in Pallejà (Barcelona), which will remain open “until necessary.”

The first to arrive first thing in the morning were his parents, Manuel Castro y Lucia Rivadulla. Her mother appeared completely devastated, without finding words to express her pain at this difficult moment. Between tears and deep regret, Lucía has shared some of her thoughts with the media.

“Words… I am a mother and at this moment I don't have them,” she confessed, evidencing the overwhelming sadness that surrounds the family in these moments of farewell. Despite the pain, Lucía has expressed her gratitude for the numerous expressions of affection and support that the family has received after Itziar's death: “She was very good, she had nothing, for me and for everyone. So, to thank her “Thank you to everyone because I really didn't expect this welcome from her.”

In a gesture of recognition towards the treatment received by the media, Lucía Rivadulla highlights the respect and empathy shown towards her daughter, known for her roles in Vis a vis, Skins y Championsamong other works: “The media has always treated her very well, until Risto Mejide that I thought he was an aggressive man in interviews. The day he interviewed her he even cried, I mean, it was wonderful. Truly, you have treated her very well by all means.”

Itziar Castro's wake will bring together hundreds of people who will remember the artistic legacy of the beloved actress, who left an indelible mark in the hearts of those who knew her and admired her work.