Iturralde: “Ramos's is red, the ball is five meters away”

For Iturralde González, arbitrator of Diario AS, Sergio Ramos' kick on Lozano it must have led to their expulsion. “It's red, the ball is five meters away”said the referee after observing and analyzing the action carefully. The Aragonese Jaime Latre is being the main referee and did not open his card holder after that foul. The VAR did not intervene either.

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The action happened in the minute 27 of the first half, when Real Madrid lost 0-1 at Di Stéfano. Lush he received a ball at mid-height and let it run to gallop into space; at that moment appeared Bouquets, arriving very late, gave a hard kick to the Honduran at the lumbar level without the possibility of contesting the ball. Jaime Latre signaled a foul in favor of Madrid understanding that it had been obstruction.

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At which point Ramos kicks Lozano in the lumbar.

The camero was reprimanded minutes later. Already in 34 'of the first half, he committed another foul on the same protagonist, Lozano, which cost him the yellow card. It is the first time they admonish him this season, despite having played every minute for Real Madrid since the premiere in San Sebastián.