Iturralde believes that De Burgos Bengoetxea was wrong: “It is impossible to call that penalty”

Mallorca – Celta have left one of the most controversial images so far this season. It was the 6th minute of the game when Dani Rodríguez fell into the area allegedly knocked down by Santi Mina. De Burgos Bengoetxea quickly pointed out the maximum penalty, to the disbelief of the visiting footballers, who saw no contact. According to Mister Chip, it has been the longest interruption of the VAR in the history of the League, with a total of 318 seconds.

González González, VAR referee, sent the referee to the screen, after seeing in the image that there seemed to be no contact. The move occurred in the 6th minute and, four minutes later, they finally called from the VOR to De Burgos Bengoetxea to see the repeated play.

It doesn't touch him at all. Those plays … You listen to a trip and more without an audience. I'm serious, you should listen to it. It hits the ground, “Iturralde González said, while the play was still under review. Before the call, 'Itu' questioned the delay time and that González González did not quickly send De Burgos Bengoetxea to the screen:” Not all the referees they are valid for the VAR. He wants to find an image that will prove the referee right. It is impossible to beep. I would get over yesterday (Getafe-Real Sociedad), yesterday there was at least one contact. “

Finally, De Burgos Bengoetxea, to everyone's surprise, reaffirmed his decision and whistled maximum penalty. A total of six minutes of interruption for not rectifying and confirm what he saw on the pitch. On the contrary, Iturralde considers that he was wrong in his decision: “He is watching the play in slow motion only to see the contact. In slow motion the action is magnified, but it is not a penalty.”

“He has seen the same images as us. The VAR enters into clear and manifest errors and that is why they have called him. If you call a penalty and they call you it is because they have seen the opposite. In arbitration it is said that in case of doubt nothing should be whistled. They put 17 images on you and with doubts you can't blow a penalty. He is human, he has called a penalty and what he will not do is rectify his decision. Every day I am more convinced that footballers are needed in the technical meetings of the referees. There are plays that you can know a lot about regulations, but footballers smell it, they see it differently. You have to learn from them, “the referee of the Sports Carousel of the Cadena SER continued with his argument.