“It’s time to start a new path”

the stage of Laundry in it Espanyol came to an end this Friday and unlike Vincent Moreno, who starred in an emotional press appearance before the media, the until now sporting director of the entity said goodbye by letter. “In the professional world one must understand the times, when the stages end and it is time to embark on a new path. At the time, despite the interest of the property, I transferred to the club that it was not the time to face my renewal until permanence was achieved. It was the most honest and consistent. Once achieved, despite the achievement of the objective, our paths separate“, said Laundry in the same closing four years in the pericos offices. It should be remembered that his contract ended on June 30.

“Football has taught me that when you take on a responsibility and they trust you, you have to give yourself completely, with honesty and courage in making decisions. It’s not worth hiding on the pitch or in the offices. And that’s how it has been in this stage. Making decisions, exposing oneself, is part of our responsibility and I have never renounced it, without speculation or strategies of personal interest, always aligned with the institution and never looking for excuses for my own mistakes or lamenting external or financial factors, or attributing others’ successes to myself. I have always worked bare-chested for the good of the Espanyol. And I don’t regret it for a second, I would do it again”, continued the one who has been the sporting director of Espanyol for the last two and a half years.

Finally, in the chapter of thanks, he remembered all the club’s levels and especially the fans. “A fan’s criticism is the purest, because every fan wants a better club and that demand stems from the feeling of improvement and belonging,” he settled. Laundry.

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