It’s not up to Jared Goff to decide if he wants to reside in Detroit for a long time.

It’s not up to Jared Goff to decide if he wants to reside in Detroit for a long time.

Detroit has been filled with chants of “JA-RED GOFF!” for a few weeks now. It has happened on its own at Red Wings games, restaurants, and the airport.

Lions fans have loved the quarterback a lot, and Goff has loved them back. Goff said that he wants the connection to last past 2024.

Goff said that this year will be remembered as one of his best ever. His last deal came after he led the Rams into the Super Bowl.

Goff told Kyle Meinke about on Monday, “I’ve loved every moment of my stay here and I would love more.” “Dan Campbell is my love.”

Everyone on my team and the coaches are great. That sounds great. I’m not responsible for it, though.

Goff is about to start a contract year during which he will earn $21.7 million as a base salary and $31.7 million in cap hits in 2024. Twelve quarterbacks make at least $40 million a year, so a new deal would entail the Lions a lot more.

It was a sad ending for the Detroit Lions’ 2023 season when they lost to the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship game last Sunday. Jaguars quarterback Jared Goff talks about what’s to come in Detroit after the loss.

Jared Goff, whose contract year is coming up in 2024, talked to the media on Monday afternoon while cleaning his locker room. He was asked if he wanted to remain in Detroit for a long time.

From his first year with the Lions to his third, Goff has gotten a lot better each year. During the regular season in 2023, he completed 67.3 percent of his passes and threw for 4,575 yards and 30 touchdowns.

People in Detroit like him. The Lions’ fans even started a loud “Jared Goff” chant during the road game with the Niners. Goff said he wants to stay with the Leopards, but he can’t make that choice.

Goff’s amazing run in the playoffs made him the first quarterback in Detroit since Tobin Rote in 1957 to win more than one playoff game.

Goff played perfect football in the playoffs. He made 69.4% of his passes, threw for 837 yards, scored 4 touchdowns, and ran the ball no times.

NFL quarterbacks’ pay has gone through the roof since Jared Goff’s last deal, which was more than four years ago.

After leading his team, the Detroit Lions, to the NFC champion game this month, Goff looks like he will get paid a lot this offseason.

On Monday at the locker room cleanout, someone asked Goff how important it was for him to land a market-level offer this offseason. Goff said he would let his agent handle all contract talks.

I’m not sure. He said that’s how the league works. “It will happen if it does, and it won’t if it doesn’t.” But I think I’ve loved each moment of my stay and would love more.

I’ll say it again: I love head coach Dan Campbell, the other coaches, the players here, and my teammates. It would be great, but I can’t make it happen.

This season, Goff was second in the league in passing yards. He also had three turnover-free knockout games and led the Lions almost to their first Super Bowl.

Goff will make $27.3 million next season, which includes his base salary and a roster bonus. This is the last year of a deal he signed via the Los Angeles Rams before their season in 2019.

In the past year, quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Jalen Hurts have all signed extensions that pay them more than $50 million a season on average.

When the Lions finally give Goff a new deal later this year, it will likely be in the same range.

“To witness the fans’ reply, not solely for me but for the entire squad has been so special along with it’s something I’m going to never forget,” Goff stated.

But he wasn’t able to lead his teammates to the first NFC championship in the team’s history.

“The season didn’t end the way we had hoped, and last night’s loss was disappointing. But yeah, those two home playoff games were just as memorable and exciting as you can imagine.” I agree, it was fun.