“It’s all shit, they have nothing”

It has been 30 years since the precious daughter of Al Bano y Romina disappeared mysteriously and without a trace. Since then, there have been several people who claim to have seen her alive, among them Lydia Lozano, who starred in one of the most embarrassing media episodes in the history of television. However, she was neither the only nor the last, because the news made headlines again this Friday. According to the German newspaper Colorfula private detective has found alive Ylenia and her father, who requested his daughter’s death certificate years ago, has said ‘enough’.

“It’s shit, they have nothing. I’m tired of talking about this topic, I’m tired”Al Bano has assured in TardeAR. Outraged, angry and very hurt, the Italian singer assures that they are all baseless rumors: “It’s speculation, damn speculation, speculation”. His ex-wife, Romina Power, still hopes to find her daughter alive, but Al Bano ruled out that possibility a long time ago: “I know everything about my daughter, no one can say anything more.”

The performer, who filled Madrid’s Teatro Real last March with his ‘È la mia vita’ tour, is so furious that he plans to take legal action: “I’m going to report, you can’t do harm this way and leave it as is”has said.

The news broke this Thursday. From the diary Colorful, one of the most prestigious in Germany, claimed that a private detective had found in the United States a woman very similar physically to Ylenia Carrisi. And not only that: the aforementioned had Italian roots. They stated that the professional had DNA samples that he had ordered analyzed to verify the identity of the girl and that both Romina Power and Al Bano were waiting for the results, something that the singer himself has categorically denied: “It is absolutely false.”

Ylenia Carrisi disappeared on January 6, 1994, after calling her parents to wish them a good year. She was in New Orleans. Here, according to witnesses, the young woman jumped into the Mississippi River, where the current dragged her body. It was never found. Her father spoke to the last person who saw her alive: the port watchman. “She told me that she was sitting next to the river and warned her that she couldn’t stay there. Ylenia told her: ‘I belong to the waters,’ and she dove into the river. She used to say that phrase as a child before going swimming. And Mississippi does not forgive. Romina never wanted to accept it. But that’s how it was. revealed in an interview. In 2013, she got the authorities to officially declare her daughter dead, who would have turned 53 last November: “Today I wonder if you know it’s your birthday. What I do know is that the love that “I feel for you will never change and that I will always wait for your return,” his mother wrote on social networks.