“It would be very difficult for Juventus to sign Jorginho”

Joao Santos, Jorginho's agent, has denied talks with Juventus in recent times. “Anyone who wants Jorginho will have to speak to Chelsea. No one from Juventus has contacted us,” he said of the situation.

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In the last days it has been published the possibility that Jorginho entered into an exchange operation for Federico Bernadeschi, without money involved, since both would be valued at about 40 million euros. “I only hear newspaper rumors. Sarri appreciates it very much because they have worked very well together, but now there is nothing and he is preparing for the Premier League to return

And he added: “It would be very difficult for Juventus to sign Jorginho today because the market has changed with the pandemic and he has a contract until 2023. In addition, he is the second captain and is considered a very important player in the squad. I'm not saying that Juventus can't, but that all the great European teams would have a hard time paying so much for a player. “