“It will be hard not to see you, you are the best we have”

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La Real will play the first game in its history behind closed doors on Sunday in Anoeta, a decisive loss especially at this specific moment in the club's life, when he had recovered an essential lung in the figure of the Harrow
Shoe. Anoeta It is another since it has its four closed tribunes and so far this campaign there have been some unforgettable moments, thanks to the support of the fans.

In the absence of more than 72 hours for the ball to roll in the midst of the echo that will cause the empty seats of the Amara compound, the txuri urdin club has wanted to wink with its followers and has published on its official website an emotional video, with some shocking passages so far in the League. The images of a Anoeta empty mingle with the dedicated celebrations of the fans' goals. “It will be hard not to see you” since “we will miss your shouts of encouragement, your songs”, are some of the messages that overlap in the video. “Because you are the best we have,” recalls the club's message to a fan they will try to keep close, at least in their thoughts. “But we close our eyes, we dream and you are by our side.” And as in the message released by the club, it is believed that “Dreams, if you want them very strong, come true”, the film ends with several moments from the classification to the end of Cup in Anduva or the last time Real played the Champions, as evocative memories of what is to come. For this reason and “for you”, in reference to the fans, is what the team will play from Sunday.