“It smells like a wedding”: the networks go crazy with the preview of the video clip of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

There are only 48 hours left for the release of R?, the EP that Rosalía y Raw Alejandro they will take out together As an appetizer, the singers have shared with all their followers a preview of what will be the video clip of Kissone of the songs that make up the mini album.

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In the images, in addition to obviously many kisses, the artists show moments of their travels around the world, their moments of disconnection, partying, backstage at concerts or even in bed.

The fragment of the video clip, which lasts only 24 seconds, is already viral on social networks with more than two million ‘likes’ and in the comments, his fans do not stop repeating a phrase: “it smells like a wedding”. The EP is made up of three songs: Kiss, Vampires y promises. According to the protagonists themselves, it is inspired by the phases of love based on the past, present and future.

@rosalia R? @rauwalejandro ? KISS – ROSALIA & Rauw Alexander

It is the first work that Rosalía and Rauw do together after more than three years dating. “Starting to make a project when we were starting… We said ‘better not’. First we are going to lay the foundations of the relationship and then if we have to make music, then we will do it. It was like ‘I don’t want trouble, I don’t want to mix the industry with my relationship”, confessed the Catalan this week in a chat with Ibai Llanos.


In the end I think they liked each other enough to make music together

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