Isco and Marcelo, now or never

Isco and Marcelo They have been in the eye of the hurricane for a long time. His performance at Real Madrid is far from being that of yesteryear and there are already many Madridistas who consider that they should be transferred as soon as possible. The duel against Cádiz was the turning point for both players. They were those designated after the defeat and by himself Zidane, in the case of Isco, he was substituted at half-time. Marcelo had a new opportunity against Shakhtar in the Champions League, but he missed it just like in the duel against Cádiz.

Isco and Marcelo they disappeared from Real Madrid in the Clásico and in the Champions League, two key games for Zidane's men, who do not seem to have them in important games. A trend that will change today against Huesca, an important duel, but not as much as the previous ones.

Everything indicates that Zidane He will bet again on rotations and that is where Isco and Marcelo come in. Both will once again have a chance to vindicate themselves before their coach and Real Madrid. If they do not take advantage of that opportunity, they will hardly have another to be headlines.

[+] These are those summoned by Zidane to face Huesca

Zidane has bet on the old white guard since his return to Real Madrid and in that old guard are Marcelo and Isco. Banished by Solari, recovered their place in the eleven with the return of Zidane. The coach, however, has been checking how both are far from their best moment and has bet on other players.

MendyAt the request of Zidane, he is right now the undisputed starter on the left side of Real Madrid and Marcelo has a very difficult time taking that position from him. Isco, for his part, has ahead Valverde and Odegaard to play in his playmaker position. That, without forgetting Kroos and Modric, two veterans who do respond to Zidane's confidence.

Out in winter?

Faced with this situation, the future of Isco and Marcelo will be far from Real Madrid. From Italy they already assure that Juventus are interested in them for this next winter market.

Isco, 28 years old, he has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022 and does not seem to want to leave early. This week he has been at the center of the controversy for criticizing from the bench the minutes in which Zidane changes him.

Marcelo, 32 years old, he has a contract until 2022 and has seen how in recent years, he has been losing prominence at Real Madrid.