Isak returns in time

Isak he reappeared on the decisive day to score, as in the last two last season, and against a Villarreal team he had scored goals against in their last two duels. The sixth goal in the Swedish League, which added 148 days without scoring in play. It was also before those of Emery on December 18. The ’19’ of a course in which he has been very denied facing the door is partially compensated. In his goal, 1-1, he reached the shot with his left foot at the far post after a cross from Gorosabel and at 1-2 he threw the unmarking and traced the pass of death that caused the rejection and the goal of Zubimendi.

The Swede finished the game with a warning. Gonzalez StrongAccording to the minutes, he was admonished in the 82nd minute for “moving the ball from the place where a kick-off was going to be made with the intention of wasting time and creating a confrontation.”

The other two admonished were Knight y The Normanso the five warned will be able to say goodbye to the season in the field: Silva, PortuZubimendi, Gorosabel y Rico.

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