Isak meets again with the goal with Sweden

Isak He smiles again after being reunited with the goal with Sweden. Txuri Urdin started in the friendly against Russia and was in charge of opening the can with a good header, helped after the poor start of the Russian goalkeeper. Isak feels important to Sweden. With Real, for now, his start to the season is being somewhat gray. He has not been able to score after the dispute of the first five days and that he has started thanks to the absence of Willian
José. The one from Solna was substituted after the hour of play in a match that ended 1-2, with victory for the team he leads Janne

The Swede will have two other chances to continue progress as he will have Nations League matches on the weekend and next Wednesday. Sweden will face Croatia on Sunday and France on Wednesday. He wants to score again to return to Donostia with a fine-tuned aim.