Isabel Preysler’s docureality on Disney+ warms up: three chapters and two luxury guests

Summer vacations are coming to an end, even for the mother of Tamara Falcowho has enjoyed a few days of tranquility in the Marbella home of his great friend José María Amusátegui and his wife Amalia, as we publish exclusively on Informalia. Isabella Preysler He will resume his professional commitments in Madrid and one of them with special dedication: his own docurreality on Disney+. The platform is already warming up for the premiere for next Christmas and is beginning to shape the product, which will consist of three chapters.

The project, from the same producer of Got Talent y Mask Singer (for which Preysler collaborated in the last season), it is the first work of the socialite on a private platform and they want to stretch it to the maximum. According to ECDwill divide the content into three episodes in which Vargas Llosa’s ex-girlfriend will “open the doors of her house” to the world to show how she prepares dates as special as Christmas in Villameona.

She will not do it alone, because her son’s collaborations Julio Jose and his daughter daughter Tamara Falco (which premiered with its own ‘docu’ on Netflix, The marquesse) are already worded. It has not been revealed if it will also appear Inigo Onieva but it is probable, since it is his first Christmas as an official member of the family after his wedding with the daughter of Carlos Falcó last July.

It was last May when Disney+ announced the signing of Isabel Preysler through a statement. It will not be the first time for her in front of a television show. You have to pull from memory to remember that her premiere before the cameras, as a presenter, was on the program Today at home, which Telecinco offered in 1998. Broadcast on Saturday afternoons, it was a space in which Preysler gave classes in protocol, good manners or decoration tricks, among other things. It was a ratings failure and the network withdrew it from the grid after six broadcasts.

The criticism of the time was brutal, although the first to admit that television was not her thing was her. “I admit that I haven’t seen myself well on the show; it’s something that always happens to me, but this time the feeling has been stronger. I’ve taken lessons to behave freely in front of the cameras, but it doesn’t seem to have helped me much,” he said in an interview published by ABC. “I’m not natural at all in front of the cameras and I can’t help it, but there are a lot of people who, whatever I did, would have criticized me just the same”