Isabel Preysler, surrounded by Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer, arrives at the wedding of Lucía Domínguez Vega-Penichet and Álvaro Gomis

The last few days have been a whirlwind in the life of the Marquise de Griñón due to the unexpected change in her wedding dress. Her fiancée has been seen defending her for how good of a person she is, denying that she is a demanding client as she has recently been criticized. But today is a day to put problems aside and focus on something very special: the wedding of some great friends.

Isabel Preysler attended the wedding of Lucía Domínguez Vega-Penichet and Álvaro Gomis together with Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer. All the press came quickly to ask the mother of the future fiancée about the topic of the moment. Asking the press to hurry up because they were late, she claimed to be fine right now.

She was silent when asked if, thanks to her, Tamara has gotten a dress for her big day. Neither of them revealed if she will finally wear a Cristina Herrera dress at the link as rumored. Ana Boyer walked a few steps ahead of her sister and her mother, she being a mere spectator of the scene like the police officers who were there.

Mother and daughters entered the church of Santa Bárbara together to enjoy the wedding of one of the family’s closest friends. Demonstrating once again how united they are, it was to be expected that they would want to share this day. Tamara Falcó clung to her mother to go up the church stairs at full speed to get to the ceremony as soon as possible.