Isabel Preysler returns with a bang a year after breaking up with Vargas Llosa

Isabel Preysler He has never had a manager or representative who carried his image or his advertising themes. An urban legend states that when he had an offer to promote a brand, chocolates or a luxury hotel, for example, the person who answered the calls at his home would ask what the topic was about and some more precise details. Isabel, who was listening on another phone, if the proposal did not suit her, she would send a sign that translated as “the lady is traveling.”

Whether these rumors are true or not, the situation of the ex of such notable men Julio Iglesias, the Marquis of Griñón, Miguel Boyer or Mario Vargas Llosa has changed radically. Isabel has hired a person who already takes care of her schedule, from their appearances in the press, from the paid invitations they offer and from promoting their television projects. The most immediate, the documentary about his Christmas experience, which premieres next Tuesday, December 5. Two chapters that have Miguel Boyer’s widow as the protagonist. It is her return to the television universe, where she did not have much success for a long time.

25 years have passed since that Telecinco program titled “Hoy en casa”, in which Preysler presented different sections that dealt with protocol, health or beauty, but it never obtained large audiences and nevertheless received very harsh criticism in which they criticized the “icy”, “artificial” or “unnatural” Filipino socialite.

On Monday, December 4, the eve of the premiere, Disney, producer of the mini series, calls a press conference to explain the project, but the presence of Isabel has not yet been confirmed, but she will instead attend The Anthill of Pablo Motos, the ‘boss’ of his daughter Tamara, to explain his new journey.

Everything measured and studied by his new manager, Belén Lacalle, a well-known public relations who was for a long time in charge of the Communication of the British company LandRover, where she became very popular among the gossip press for the Land Rover Discovery Challenge which he organized with celebrities and journalists. Now, with his own communications office, Lacalle has other equally important clients, such as the Vatican in Rome itself.

Belén Lacalle also has very good contacts among Madrid’s high society: her niece and goddaughter, Belén Corsini, married in 2021 Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, second son of the Duke of Alba, the couple is expecting their first child.

Isabel Preysler, who will turn 73 in February, She has spent most of her life in various marriages, with Julio Iglesias, Carlos Falcó, Miguel Boyer or in the last seven years as the girlfriend of Mario Vargas Llosa, with whom she broke up just a year ago. Everything indicates that “she didn’t want to stay home to dress saints,” one of her best friends tells us. “She Now she wants to air out, have her own life without a man by her side, regain her own prominence. Belen Lacalle It will help her have more time for herself, taking care of her agenda and studying other projects, which there are. She wants to show that life doesn’t end when a romance ends, although “we’ll see if she has the pull that she had before,” this friend adds with some skepticism. There is no doubt that Isabel Preysler is a woman to keep an eye on.

The same producers of Mask Singer

Isabel Preysler: My Christmas It will arrive on the streaming platform on December 5. In the two episodes of this special, Isabel will show how she experiences one of the most important times of the year for her and her family. In the reality show, she will open the doors of her house to show in detail all the preparations and her daughters, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer, will be seen getting to work to help her mother with the celebrations. . Disney+ has produced Isabel Preysler: My Christmas together with Fremantle, responsible for Mask Singer: guess who is singing, the program that got her to appear on television under one of her famous masks – it was a kitten – two years ago, in one of her rare appearances on a set. A year before she was seen in Masterchef Celebriywhen he came to cheer on Tamara in the final of that contest.