Isabel Preysler brings together the daughters of her last husbands with those of her first husband and her sons-in-law in Miami

One day before Christmas Eve, Isabel Preysler He has headed to Miami to enjoy a jubilant Christmas; and she has done it together with her daughters, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer, his sons-in-law and some of his grandchildren.

The daughter of the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Felipe González's first Minister of Economy and Finance, who died in September 2014, is expecting her third child and this next year she will participate as a contestant in the talent show on La 1 Bake Off next to Terelu Campos y Rocio Carrasco among other characters who will get a good pinch of public money through RTVE. What would his father say if she raised her head when she knew that his daughter was paid from the public treasury for making buns on national public television!

Meanwhile, Tamara Falcó, the daughter of the Marquis of Griñón, 42 years old, eight years older than her little sister, has not yet announced that she is pregnant, although we know that she wants to be a mother and that she is doing everything possible to give her another grandchild or granddaughter to the queen of hearts, that is, to Isabel Presyler. The daughter of the socialist politician and the daughter of the aristocrat whom her mother replaced with Boyer, with whom she fell in love and whom she ended up marrying, get together at the home of the children that her mother had before her with Julio Iglesias.

Enrique Iglesias has given the ball of his life: there are surely good gifts for everyone under the singer's Christmas tree

The entire family travels to Miami and the meeting center seems to be the super house of Enrique Iglesias, the great singer who, with his father's permission, the unrepeatable Julio Iglesias, has hit the ball of his life this year after selling his catalog of songs for about one hundred million dollars, as we gathered. This explains why Enrique is the only one along with his father who does not sell his life in magazines, documentaries, film sets and other forums. The spouses could also be seen: Fernando Íñigo Onieva and Fernando Verdasco were seen in the premium area of ​​the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Ana and Verdasco have arrived first, along with their children, and a minute later, Íñigo, Tamara and Isabel appeared on stage. The latter showed the funniest side of her with her granddaughters running around and playing with them before entering the interior of the airport.

It is not common to see Preysler like this, but on many occasions she has made reference to her status as a grandmother in public, ensuring that she loves to enjoy her grandchildren and that at home she takes advantage of all the time she has to be with them.

It is the first Christmas that Íñigo will spend with his wife's family, since the last ones were in the midst of a sentimental crisis. Those were the famous reconciliatory Midnight Mass, when he crawled to have his Burning Man sins forgiven. After all, it seems that the 'burning man' has been domesticated, a change that has allowed him to gain respect and recognition. love from all members of the clan Preysler. And now it's one more. Another thing is that he is going to pass away from his own family, including his mother, Carolina Molas, both on Christmas Eve, like Christmas, like the 31st, like January 1st. Tamara already said it: next year all the parties with Carolina. This guy is easy to convince. We can already imagine his wife, older than him and more experienced in family relationships: “You owe me!” I mean…