Isabel Pantoja’s statement after her problems with the United States tour: postponed to March

Finally, Isabel Pantoja He has postponed his tour of the United States to March due to a series of problems in the visa procedures. In Informalia We already explained that the artist faced a series of requirements due to her criminal record. Something that she would feel as a humiliation towards her person.

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The tonadillera, who was going to offer these concerts between the next November 11 and December 10, has sent a statement through her representative office clarifying that everything is in order.

“The visa petition requested for Isabel Pantoja has been granted by the United States Immigration Department. Only the last step of stamping her visa at the United States consulate in Madrid remains to be completed, which is done through an interview” , they point out in the note.

At the same time, on behalf of Isabel, they clarify what the status of the visa is: “Momentarily delayed because it is currently subject to the final approval of a bureaucratic procedure that has been necessary to present additionally.”

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Given the complexity of immigration procedures in the United States and the fact that “sometimes they take longer than expected,” the mother of Kiko Rivera has made the decision to postpone the tour for the second half of March 2023. From his office they have reiterated that for “causes beyond the control of the artist and the promoters.”

The tour In love with youin which Isabel Pantoja brings to the stage her new songs and all the classics from her career as Sailor of lights or My soul falls in love, is not in danger of cancellation, according to his office. In recent weeks, she has been especially concerned about the health of her son, who suffered a stroke on October 21. She has not been able to visit him because her son does not allow it due to family problems that are still dragging on.