Isabel Pantoja's new life: she closes Cantora to move to an exquisite neighborhood in Madrid

The life of Isabel Pantoja It will be very different in a few months. And, after selling her penthouse in Fuengirola, the tonadillera has drawn up a new plan: close Cantora to move to Madrid. You have not yet found the apartment that meets all your needs, but you have already started the search.

The singer has not gotten rid of all her debts, and, although he has resolved his debt with the Treasury, he has pending issues. The sale of her penthouse in Fuengirola last December was a relief for her, which also relies on her work as a singer. The sale of tickets to her concerts helps her, but it is not enough. “Isabel Pantoja's situation is complicated and it is leading her to make a series of changes,” Antonio Rossi said this Thursday.

The journalist has explained in We'll see that, to facilitate the sale of Cantora, the singer will close the farm. “His situation is complicated and it is forcing him to make changes. One of those changes and advised by the producer who is now managing it is that he has to come to Madrid and to do so facilitate the sale of Cantora. They would be willing until he keeps it.” Treasury because they ask a lot for it,” said Rossi.

The communicator has highlighted that Agustín Pantoja, brother and right-hand man of the singer, supports this change: “After thinking about it, the decision is that they are going to come. Agustín is delighted because he has been wanting to come for a long time and she is taking advice,” he stated, slipping that it will be the artist's team that will subsidize “the rental of the home.” “Surely he (the producer) will do it.” and he will be taking the reins a bit with other people, of course,” he added.

Although the decision to “bolt the lock” is firm, Isabel Pantoja and Agustín still do not have a house to move into: “They have seen houses, but they still don't have any. They have advised him to live in Castellana, but it surprises me,” Rossi pointed out. An opinion he shares with Isa Pantoja. “I don't see my mother in the center because she has always been very far away from the press. That's what she wants to avoid. “She would hit me more if she was on the outskirts,” she said.