Isabel Pantoja’s friend appropriates the ‘You’re not going to record me anymore’ and prepares a burofax

Not a bit of fun has made the ophthalmologist star on the cover of the magazine Readings this Wednesday. Marilo was photographed with Isabel Pantoja a few days ago through the streets of Córdoba, happy and holding hands. The doctor did not like becoming the center of attention and they say that her reaction has been blunt: “He is writing a burofax asking for privacy and respect.”

Mariló knew that these images were going to be published although she had not seen them and she went to a gas station near her house, where she often has breakfast, to buy it as soon as the news broke, on Tuesday afternoon. However, the magazine had not gone on sale yet and she had to wait a few hours to get it in her hands. They claim that she is a very discreet woman and that she never flaunted her friendship with Isabel Pantoja. In fact, some of her friends didn’t even know about it and found out this Wednesday about the link between the doctor and the singer, who wants to stay away from the media spotlight.

Isabel Pantoja, for her part, is more used to this type of situation. She is calm, she considers that they are normal photographs with a friend and she has not given it much importance, according to the Sonsoles program.

Twenty years of friendship

Mariló and Isabel Pantoja met more than two decades ago. The doctor, who works in a specialized clinic in Córdoba (the same one where Anabel’s boyfriend practices), is an admirer of the interpreter of Sailor of Lights, whom he gave gifts and went to see at concerts. Her touch made her love her and now she has become one of the most important people in Isabel’s life, who resumed her friendship with Mariló after the death of her mother after a period of disconnection.

The singer travels to Córdoba often and stays at her friend’s house, with whom she enjoys walks around the city and tastes delicious sausages. The doctor, who keeps Isabel’s medical agenda, is also passionate about writing and has already published two novels.