Isabel Pantoja’s drastic decision that affects Cantora

Everything seemed to indicate that Isabel Pantoja He was going to live a sweet time thanks to the tour for his 50 years in music, which started last September at La Cartuja in Seville, although everything went wrong when problems with the Treasury confronted him again.

The tonadillera’s debts amount to more than four million euros. Therefore, the mother of Kiko Rivera he would have made a decision that affects Cantora. As reported this Sunday from the Fiesta program.

From the aforementioned program they assure that Isabel, in addition to her farmhouse, has a land of almost 3,000 hectares in Cantora, which is dedicated to a pasture and arable land. Likewise, the singer has a luxurious swimming pool and a bullring.

Given the exuberant properties of folklore, from the program of Emma Garcia They assure: “What he intends to do is get rid of all his assets (he has a rented part that brings him six thousand euros a month and whose contract is about to expire) and maintain the house that awaits so many disappointments, affection and memories.” Therefore, Julián Muñoz’s ex could get rid of all her properties except her house.

Changes in your inheritance

On the other hand, last weekend it came to light that the artist has changed her will. It was before her trip to the United States last Christmas. In it she reduces the inheritance of her children to the minimum (the legitimate one) and allocates the rest of it to her grandchildren. Furthermore, she expresses her desire to be cremated in the strictest privacy and to be fired without a funeral or tributes.