Isabel Pantoja’s drama in the Treasury offices: “When she finds out what she owes, she faints”

Everything seemed to indicate that Isabel Pantoja He was going to live a sweet time thanks to the tour for his 50 years in music, which started last September at La Cartuja in Seville, although everything went wrong when problems with the Treasury confronted him again.

As we said, the tonadillera maintains a debt with the Tax Agency that exceeds half a million euros and its income is going to be confiscated, so from now on it will only charge 20% of what was agreed upon per concert (as minimum salary interprofessional as established by law), the rest will be retained by the Treasury.

Folklorica’s problems with the treasury go back years. Carmen Borrego She said this Monday on Telecinco that the mother of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja fainted when they told her about the large debt she was accumulating: “On the third floor of the Treasury building, Isabel Pantoja, when she finds out what she owes, faints. “said the daughter of María Teresa Campos.

This happened in 2019, shortly after the singer of Sailor of Lights returned from the island of Honduras, where he participated in Survivors. He then decided to spend a few days in Madrid before returning to Cantora to, among other matters, inquire about his tax situation.

Her 50th anniversary tour will also take her to Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. As we said, it started in September in the capital of Seville, where ticket sales did not reach the numbers of yesteryear. This Monday, she also announced a new tour: April 30 in Tenerife.

On the other hand, this weekend it was also learned that the artist has changed her will. It was before her trip to the United States last Christmas. In it she reduces the inheritance of her children to the minimum (the legitimate one) and allocates the rest of it to her grandchildren. Furthermore, she expresses her desire to be cremated in the strictest privacy and to be fired without a funeral or tributes.