Isabel Pantoja sings in ‘El Hormiguero’ and earns a generous tip from Pablo Motos

Faker than a wooden euro. That’s what it looked like this Monday Isabel Pantoja interviewed by Paul Motorcycles. We suspect but we cannot affirm that the presenter pulled the card to train season with a character of great media importance but that not everyone likes.

The mother of that unpresentable character named Kiko Rivera She is a better businesswoman than a singer, so we would be surprised if the woman from Triana came to do the Antena 3 star a favor, no matter how much she wants revenge against Mediaset. With the ants already gone, she has assured that she has come “for free”, which increases our suspicions that she will have some counterpart. Even if it is only because of the fame that precedes her and because of what Excuse not claimed, a clear accusation: that is, that the one who excuses himself from something that nobody is accusing him of, incriminates himself.

But Isabel Pantoja disappointed. The delinquent, who arouses passion among her fans, is promoting her tour but we all know that what interests her is her highly commented personal life, her relationships with her children, with her niece, her daughter-in-law, her love affairs, if that’s what she has them, and her crying because, as the DJ she gave birth to said, she is above all the widow of Spain and her victimhood has earned her more money than her music or her movies (just a couple of them and a Curro Jimenez with the father of Rodolfo Sancho).

Isabel Pantoja is one of those essential characters in the sweaty but very popular social chronicle of this country, impossible to understand without toadilleras and bullfighters, intertwined in sagas, genes, joys, deaths and some dandruff. But the media fascination of Isabel Pantoja and the audiences that she raises are inversely proportional in height to the principles and values ​​that a wonderful singer seems to represent, for those who like her personal style, but a person of just morals, pesetera, imposted in her appearances public and with a history that, as one of our beloved kings would say, we cannot precisely describe as exemplary. Nor are we going to say, as the bastard of her son did, that she is a bad mother. Pantoja put on her show this Monday and spoke, of course.

The folkloric has remarked that she has reappeared after some very “hard” personal years, marked especially by the death of her mother, Mrs. Ana, in September 2021. She had a few words for her.

“My brothers and I have been taking care of her until the last day of her life. She is still our queen, she was not the mother of Pantoja. My mother has been a mother, a normal mother who loved her children one by one, like all the mothers of the world. Mothers want the best for their children. When she got sick, she just wanted to listen to music. She kept her alive. She left us, but I know she’s here. The album is for my fans, but above all things You are going to allow me to dedicate it to my mother”, he pointed out.

Going on stage after the loss of her mother was especially difficult for her: “The first concert without her was hard. It was in America, without her. On her birthday we traveled to Argentina. I wanted to spend it on a plane, which scares me so much “.

On the other hand, the interpreter of light sailor She has assured that she remains practically secluded in Cantora by her own decision, and not because someone (Agustín Pantoja) prevents her from going out: “I have always been a woman of my house, I leave the bata de cola outside. I am in my house because I want to, not because nobody forbids me to go out. At my age, anyone forbids me anything”.

Finally, she has also mentioned the people who support her in her day to day. At this point, not a single word towards his children: “I love my two brothers above all else. I have my sister-in-law, who is heaven. I have some soulmates. My fans are my family, all of them. I them I want. When they hug me, it’s as if they give me that positive energy. They tell me not to cry anymore, that I don’t deserve it, because I’ve cried enough and I wouldn’t want to cry anymore, until it’s my turn.”

Despite the fact that he approached positions with Kiko Rivera after his latest health setback, he has not made any reference to his little soul. She hasn’t had a few words to say either. One Pantoja, which defends it as best it can from Telecinco. Be that as it may, Isabel has sentenced with a dart for whoever wants to pick it up: “People who have done wrong to me have to repent, I believe that I have not done wrong to anyone.”