Isabel Pantoja replaces Cantora with a large mansion on the outskirts of Madrid: this is her new home

Isabel Pantoja (67) He has finally found a home in Madrid, and, contrary to what was thought a few days ago, it will not be in the Salamanca neighborhood, but in a place where he will find that tranquility that he seeks so much: the Santo Domingo urbanization, located northeast of Madrid.

The tonadillera will establish her life in a house that will provide her with all kinds of comforts, and whose surface area occupies about 650 square meters among which five bedrooms and five bathrooms will be distributedas reported this Tuesday on Telecinco.

The house also has a huge garden that will be surrounded by a grove of trees to ensure your privacy. However, the singer will not have to worry about the possibility of receiving unwanted visitors. Her new home is located in “a very residential area” and protected by “a lot of security”in the words of journalist Antonio Rossi.

For its part, Alessandro Lequio He has announced that Kiko Rivera's mother will have a wide variety of services at her disposal and, with sarcasm, has mentioned the controversy she is involved in with Ana Obregón over the funds that support the Aless Lequio Foundation. “There are shopping centers, churches, social clubs, Anitas…”, she pointed out, referring to Aless Lequio's supposed daughter, Ana Lequio, who came into the world a year ago through surrogacy.

Isabel Pantoja will pay close to 4,500 euros per month for her new home, a higher price than what you would pay in the center of Madrid. However, for her it is a priority to stay away from the spotlight. She is focused on nurturing her career as a singer, which, along with the sale of her penthouse in Fuengirola – from which she took almost all the furniture – is saving her from some financial trouble. It was her producer who suggested she go to Madrid to improve her personal and work situation.

Cantora closes

A few days ago, Rossi explained that, to facilitate the sale of Cantora, the singer will close the farm. “Her situation is complicated and is forcing her to make changes. One of those changes and advised by the producer who is now managing her is that she has to come to Madrid and to do so facilitate the sale of Cantora. “They would even be willing for the Treasury to keep it because they ask a lot for it.”, he pointed. A decision that the singer's brother, Agustín, firmly supports.