Isabel Pantoja loses steam in her last concert: “It was a disaster, she was out of tune and without a voice”

Disappointment and concern among the fans of the tonadillera, who returned to the stage in Gran Canaria last Sunday. Expectations were high after the success of his tour in Latin America but Isabel Pantoja did not comply. At least that’s how many of the attendees have assured it on social networks: “Uncoordinated, out of tune, exhausted, worn out… You’re a disaster on stage.”

And there is more: “I’ve always liked it, but I understand that everything you’ve been through has affected your voice… and a lot”. Some of them have spoken this Friday in the summer program: “We are worried about his voice, he has lost a lot… he did not reach most of the treble of his usual songs. We imagine that emotionally everything is taking its toll on him”, they said. “He has to take care of himself and treat his voice if he wants to continue with success. Normally her circle is dedicated to telling her that everything is wonderful and it is not so.

A discouraging outlook for her next Spanish tour, which begins on September 29 in Seville and will take her to Barcelona (December 30) and Madrid (April 13), among others. Before you will visit the anthill (on Monday the 4th), where he will be able to show if his critics are wrong or if, on the contrary, it is true that Pantoja is no longer what he used to be.