Isabel Pantoja fills Wizink with celebrities and makes a TikTok on stage with Anabel and Naiara from OT

More than one person’s soul fell in love on the night of this Saturday, April 13, with the concert of Isabel Pantoja at the Wizink Center in Madrid. The artist has reviewed her 50 years in music by performing her greatest hits (although she has missed My little soul). She has done it in front of a dedicated audience, among whom were celebrities such as Terelu Campos, Hiba Abouk, La Húngara, Nieves Herrero or Marta Flich. On this special night for her, she has also given an “opportunity” to the winner of OT 2023the Zaragozan Naiarawho has finally fulfilled his dream of singing with the interpreter of sailor of lights.

After a few last weeks marked by her medical check-ups in Córdoba, where we have seen her again accompanied by her friend Mariló de la Rubia and without Agustín Pantoja, the folkloric singer has started the concert amid cheers from her faithful pantojistas and offering “brush strokes” of those first songs he released at the beginning of his career. “What I’m doing is remembering because if you don’t remember you don’t live”he stressed.

The first great moment of the night came when Pantoja sang with that intensity that is so characteristic of him. Where the heart takes me. He has pointed out that, in his life, the heart always comes first. Through her songs, she has also made a special nod to the April Fair, rescuing some of her Sevillanas and then transporting us to El Rocío. In this way, with Virgin of Rocío has lifted Wizink (which has almost been full) from their seats. Afterwards, he became especially moved by That Carmenbecause this song, as she rightly says, marked “a before and after” in her career.

Con Eternal love (They ask me if I still love him…) the first non-explicit reference of the night has arrived to Paquirri, whom he also later honored with a part of sailor of lightsthe classic that could not be missed in the most anticipated concert of his tour.

Isabel has also given phrases such as: “There will be many and many who at any given moment will miss me”. Phrases like “well yes, what are the programs going to do without you” resonated among the audience. However, Pantoja has focused on her music and has not made a single reference to her two children, Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja, with whom she remains estranged due to family conflicts.

The artist has also raised her audience with Poison: “They have asked me a lot in the chows and it had been a long time since I had sung it.”. And then, it’s time to go up to Naiara de OT to the Madrid stage: “It’s beautiful what I heard from her about me”, the singer has pointed out. And she remembered: “In an interview she said that it would be a dream for her to meet Isabel Pantoja and that it would be a dream to sing with her”. And so it happened this Saturday, with the “opportunity” that has been given to the 26-year-old artist: “You have given me the greatest gift, you have made me fulfill a dream so that tomorrow I can tell it to my children and grandchildren,” the young woman said. Pantoja, for her part, has also remembered that she was not given a first opportunity like this. “I’m going to give it to him,” she insisted. After both of their performances, Pantoja brought her niece Anabel on stage and the three of them recorded a video for TikTok. The little girl works with her again during this tour and the artist, who is excited about this social media thing, wanted to have this detail with her niece.

Pantoja left few things in the pipeline tonight, as he also drew on nostalgia when covering the classic I forgot again by Alberto Aguilera Valadez or Two gardeniasbolero included on his album 10 Boleros and a Love Song. “When you truly love one you can never forget anyone”he noted during the high point of the concert and before performing two of the most anticipated songs of the night: sailor of lights y Today I want to confess. And after this tribute to the most important album of his career, the recital hits with The dark, My soul falls in love, That’s how it went and a little bit of In love with you to close the show.

In short, the fire has been lit in Madrid and the firewood has burned.

From Terelu Campos and Rosa Benito to Hiba Abouk and Marta Flich

There have been many famous men and women who have accompanied the folklore in this show.

Ion Aramendi and María Amores

Chayo Mohedano, Andrew Fernandez and Rosa Benito

Raúl Castillo and Arantxa de Benito

Naiara de ‘OT 2023’

Hiba Abouk

Andrea Levy

Mariano Pena

Terelu Campos

The Hungarian

Master Joao

Nieves Herrero

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