Isabel Pantoja, distressed by her financial ruin, can save Mediaset: will she enter Big Brother?

Isabel Pantoja y Mediaset They live in very delicate situations. The mother of Kiko Rivera She is facing the most absolute ruin and her tax debts have put her against the wall, with seized assets and an economy that is battered and so complicated as to not be able to pay Cantora’s electricity bill. At the same time, the Fuencarral chain is not raising its head: none of its three big assets for this fall have worked.

Solo Got Talent (faced with a disastrous Password by Pedroche) and some Disney movies on Fridays provide hopeful data. The Chinese Stories of Jorge Javier They are already a corpse, Ana Rosa Quintana It reached double digits this Friday afternoon and has left the mornings worse than they were with it; and Big Brother Martha Flich It’s not what it was. It wouldn’t hurt Ana Rosa to have Pantoja on set for a couple of afternoons.

Everything indicates that Zeppelin a lot of money has been saved with it casting and it seems that by now they have already realized Manolo Villanueva y Alessandro Salem. He reality It should have provided its morning, afternoon and weekend magazines with several audience points but it has not happened. They have time to suddenly throw out half of that group of boring people and renew the roster with characters that attract a massive audience, give notoriety and make the two galas and the summaries exist.

If Pantoja is desperate and does anything to clean up her economy, and Mediaset needs a stimulus to reverse its unfortunate situation, why not repeat the formula of the past? The signing of Isabel Pantoja for Survivors 2019 It was one of the best claims for the format to reach memorable nights of historic audiences on Telecinco. The tonadillera was the undisputed star of the reality since his incorporation was announced and he jumped from the helicopter until he had to leave for health reasons.

Paquirri’s widow She has always returned to the house that fed her, no matter how much she has been torn apart, humiliated or insulted. She is one of those characters who are better known for her life, as protagonists of the social chronicle, than for his theoretically true profession. There are types Belen Esteban whose profession is that of famous, without further ado (initially for being the girlfriend of Jesulín de Ubrique), later converted into a “collaborator” or “businesswoman”. But at least in the case of the Triana tonadillera we are talking about a singer, with many albums behind her, who gives concerts and who, for example, has 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Yeah Big Brother want to really face the Masterchef of Jesulín de Ubrique has to put him in front of one of the greats of the Heart and not to second-rate geeks.

La Pantoja moves for money and what is cheap is expensive

He hidden What could I charge? Pantoja It is incalculable but perhaps it is more profitable than the trinkets that now swarm around the house. Throughout her life it is evident that a very important part of her earnings has been received (and is received) via exclusive channels and all the collateral income from being famous on the cover, on the set, in Photocalls, in reality shows or through sponsorships.

Pantoja has been a first-class celebrity since she was in her twenties and began her relationship with Paquirri (former Carmen Ordóñez), she revalidated her title with her marriage of a year and a half with Kiko Rivera’s father, the birth of her only biological son, and above all by the fact of becoming the widow of Spain at only 28 years old, when the Avispado flag She fatally wounded her husband in the Pozoblanco bullring.

Isabel Pantoja’s profitable fame did not bleed that afternoon that marked her life. On the contrary: the Sevillian artist grew exponentially as a celebrity star while tears flowed from her, torn by having lost the love of her life. But she gave birth to many famous people in addition to her son who came from her womb and the girl she adopted in Peru (who works at Telecinco). Isabel Pantoja, as Rocío Jurado, is one of those queen bees that instead of making honey are a factory of subfamosos: his unpresentable son, his addictions, his women, flirts and girlfriends, their boyfriends and husbands, his daughter and their respective loves and eventually his grandchildren; just like the boyfriends of the tonadillera, scarce but of great media intensity at the time of him as that long, educated and insipid man called Diego Gomez.

And above all Julian Muñoz, the corrupt mayor who in turn generated more characters, and made his wife, the cuckold, famous Maite Zaldívar. We also have nieces, brothers, cousins ​​and girls, like the one who became a traitor and famous named Dulce, although she was more sour than bergamot.

Between one and another of these byproducts and many that we left behind, they have filled and fill magazines and hours of television. Without this saga or that of the great Rocío Jurado, Telecinco would not have filled its last two decades with successes. The Pantoja saga actually comes from the Cádiz bullfighter who died 39 years ago and who in turn created the Ordóñez branch through his first marriage to Carmina and his two children, who have also filled thousands of hours and pink pages and fathered more famous.

“Madam, television is like poop: we make it but we don’t see it”

This dying week, a former Mediaset manager, we assume that out of spite after being fired, remembered a well-known story, related to the visit that Isabel Pantoja did accompanied by Julian Muñoz to the former boss of Mediaset. Paolo Vasile, as gentleman as he was ruthless, received the singer and the corrupt mayor of Marbella even though Telecinco was destroying Pantoja and her lover morning, afternoon, night and dawn, seven days a week. When the interpreter of ‘Today I want to confess’ asked Vasile in her office if he didn’t see what they were doing with her, the Roman responded like this: “Madam, television is like poop: we make it but we don’t see it.”

The eschatological and very illustrative response of Berlusconi’s former vassal in Spain, which never considered the dignity of a person above the interests of the listed company (and did not do badly), it arrived many years before Isabel Pantoja gave the end-of-year grapes on that same chain, participated in survivors, intervened in several programs and made a lot of money from Mediaset, which, surely, obtained great profits with her, as she did some time later with her son. Kiko Rivera, who received payment from the Fuencarral company in exchange for giving birth in deliveries to the lady who brought him into the worldcalling her a ‘bad mother’, a thief and many terrible atrocities in Cantota: the poisoned inheritance, that invention presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, the same one who once gave the grapes to the singer.

It is also true that Pantoja always despised his own dignity more than Vasile himself. The same former director who remembered the brown scene of Paolo and the tonadillera, Baldomero Toscano, described Isabel like this: “My first assignment as a manager was to meet with Isabel Pantoja secretly, in Seville, to try to attract her to the chain. I attracted her as Isabel is always attracted, with money involved. She never has enough and always asks for what she needs. “She is valued based on what she owes and she has always owed a lot,” said the former production director of the Mediaset that was in operation.

Now, as we have been anticipating for a long time, the numerous debts are suffocating Isabel Pantoja and the Treasury is putting the singer on the ropes in financial terms. And the Tax Agency has already taken the box from his concert in Seville. At the end of September he began his new tour, with the excuse of commemorating his 50 years of musical career. There are also no properties left to sell because the singer has everything seized or with some debt.

He only has to get rid of what little he has left and start over at 68 years old, without talking to his children (they say he is not going to go to his daughter’s wedding) and try to avoid it with help from friends (and they don’t care). there are so many left) if not hunger, precariousness. This summer they already cut off his electricity in Cantora, according to what they say on the network to which he always returns when they take out the checkbook.

For all this and given that the money from her tour and the sale of her assets does not come out of the well, we should not be surprised that Isabel gives several surprises and looks for income where she has almost always found it: exposing her life in interviews or something similar. We already saw her singing and telling what she wanted in The Anthill, although it was not confirmed that she charged Pablo Motos, although it is totally implausible that the Andalusian does almost anything for free.

Desperate situation: debts, embargo, anguish over not being able to pay bills

Isabel Pantoja’s desperation is of such magnitude that we cannot rule out anything. If we add to this the general crisis of Telecinco and specifically the discreet audience of the most important program of the network, that is, Big Brother Vip, it would not be too much of a surprise if he entered Guadalix’s house and met his mother. grandson and other mediocre characters, which would predictably give wings to the worst edition in history, with a somewhat misplaced Marta Flich. Four years ago, few believed the news that Pantoja was entering Survivors and that we would see her locked up for months. But she lasted 10 weeks, 70 days of survival with limited food and complicated tests. They say that she took 800,000 euros in just over two months on the island. The idea is free, Pantoja is not.