Isabel Pantoja commits herself to her concert in Almería with the help of her niece Anabel: “We are already here”

special night for Isabel Pantoja. After her concert in Mérida last weekend, the tonadillera continues her 50th Anniversary Tour this Saturday in Almería. Hours before going on the Andalusian stage, the interpreter of Sailor of Lights He has shown how he prepares his show with the help of his niece and manager, Anabel Pantoja.

Andalusia, Almeria“, the singer has written on her Instagram profile. Likewise, along with this small writing, which previews Isabel’s desire to sing tonight in the capital of Almería, the artist has published a reel, where she shows part of her trip, the sound tests and moments of complicity with his right hand Anabel.

There is barely an hour left until the concert begins and the networks have already been filled with comments of maximum admiration for the singer. “Almería and the world vibrate with excitement. Today is your day. I love you with all my strength” o “We love you Isabel“, several followers comment on her Instagram profile.

This concert by the tonadillera comes several days after learning through Lecturas magazine that Anabel Pantoja was four months pregnant. “Thanks a lot! I am very happy. I forget that I’m pregnant, I’m living a normal life, I start carrying suitcases on the plane. I’m four months old, we’ve already passed the safety months, I was scared. Now that the doctor has told me that everything is perfect, I am much calmer. At first you get scared and you don’t want to get excited in case it doesn’t turn out well.“, he says in the weekly that has the exclusive on the cover.