Isabel Pantoja angry against Julián Muñoz for laughing at her: “Forget me and leave me alone forever”

What Isabel Pantoja have stated that they feel close to Caroline of Monacobecause between his life and that of the princess there are certain similarities in terms of the misfortunes suffered by both, has served to Julian Muñoz, who was the singer’s boyfriend, laugh at her. When the singer learned of the ex-politician’s statements, she exploded in anger: “Forget me and leave me alone forever.”

Julián Muñoz was joking about the vital coincidences that Pantoja sees between his life and that of the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly. In an interview published by The reasonthe former mayor of Marbella said that “comparing Pantoja with the princess is like doing it between Ana Rosa Quintana and the Virgin Mary”. And he stayed so wide.

Sources close to the folkloric have confirmed that Isabel’s anger upon learning of these statements has been enormous. Seized with anger, the artist has clearly shown the contempt she feels towards that man with whom she had a relationship for six years, from the beginning in 2003 to 2009.

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His relatives have explained that “he does not understand what Julián is saying at this point in life, laughing at her. He has said ‘forget me and leave me alone forever’. That chapter of his life is closed and he does not want to nor hear the name of that man. That’s why she feels so upset every time he talks about her, “they argue.

The high-profile romance between Isabel Pantoja and Mayor Muñoz did not exceed the former mayor’s entry into prison, for the Malaya case, the same corruption court case for which the tonadillera also ended up in jail between 2014 and 2016.

Isabel Pantoja has enjoyed the Ball of the Rose held in Monaco last Saturday March 25, invited by some friends with interests in the Principality. Her intention was to meet and sing with the singer Shirley Basseyand meet Carolina de Monaco, with whom it seems that she did speak, although according to witnesses, the princess immediately got rid of the Spanish artist.