Isabel Gemio mourns the death of María Teresa Campos after her media war: “We lacked a conversation”

Isabella Gemio He has also joined the long list of personalities who have fired Maria Teresa Campos on social networks. Both masters of communication maintained a media war in recent years, so the message of the former presenter of Surprise, surprise! It takes on a very relevant meaning this Tuesday, September 5.

“Teresa Campos has died. It’s hard to write. But that’s life. Television history, pioneer in morning political gatherings, news director in years when women directed little, or nothing. She had character and courage to fight for his place. And he conquered it. At that time the share commanded more than the dispatches”, Gemio wrote, praising the great career of the journalist from Malaga.

In his post, Gemio does not forget the quarrels they had in recent years and acknowledges that they lacked a face-to-face conversation to iron out the rough edges: “We respected each other and we had affection. We were two good companions. We supported each other. That’s what I’ll take away . We lacked a conversation. At least, I would have liked it. But it will no longer be possible. Such is life, and death, which so often leaves us without the opportunity to amend. Rest in peace, Teresa”.

The clash between María Teresa Campos and Isabel Gemio

It was in January 2021 when Gemio interviewed the mother of Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego on his YouTube program, soul talks. During the conversation there were moments of tension from the beginning.

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“How do you see yourself in the mirror?” Gemio asked at the beginning of the match. “I’ll settle for seeing myself,” Campos replied. “Did you imagine yourself like this at almost 80 years old?” continued the interviewer, who took a ‘zasca’ from Campos. “You are a pig,” she told him wryly. “If the whole world knows that you are going to be 80 years old,” Gemio explained. “The first one that tells me is you,” continued the malagueña.

This interview was highly commented on television sets, to the point that Gemio was overwhelmed by the barrage of information and the attacks against her by certain fellow members and programs: “I consider my career over, I no longer expect anything”, came to confess Maria Teresa Campos, from Save mealso called her “asshole” and “petty”: “The insults that I never thought I would hear from a person like her hurt,” Gemio also lamented.

María Teresa Campos died at dawn this Tuesday at the age of 82 after being admitted this Sunday to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital due to acute respiratory failure. The last months of her life have been marked by the worsening of her state of health until reaching the sad outcome. Personalities from all walks of life have come to the La Paz funeral home in Tres Cantos to wrap up their daughters and her relatives.