Isabel Díaz Ayuso pays tribute to Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’: she defines him as “a very international man from Madrid”

The Community of Madrid has paid tribute this Monday to the Arganda bullfighter Manuel Díaz El Cordobés, who has vindicated the festival and has thanked the world of bullfighting for having given him “a path” along which to develop in life.

At the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the regional Government, the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayusohas presented this tribute to the bullfighter, whom he has defined as “a very international man from Madrid.” Furthermore, he highlighted the right-handed “The name of Madrid has paraded through the bullrings of Spain and America” and he has triumphed in the most important positions during his career, which recently ended.

Born in Arganda del Rey, he debuted in the rings at the age of 15 in Ciudad Real and in 1993 he took the alternative in Seville and later in Las Ventas, “the first bullring in the world“, Ayuso said. He also stressed that “Madrid is bullfighting” and works to “give the world of bullfighting the place it deserves” because “it is heritage and freedom.” “Art, tradition, future…”, she said.

For his part, the bullfighter has been very grateful. “I am very grateful for what the bull has done for me, “He took me off the streets and marked a path for me,” the right-hander underlined when collecting, from the hands of the president, the statuette that shows the recognition of the regional government to this figure of bullfighting and “mass idol”, as he called him. subsequently defined as the head of the regional Executive.

“Thanks to the bull I have recognized myself as a human being and I have had the opportunity for a father to recognize a son,” stressed the son of fellow bullfighter Manuel Benítez El Cordobés, with whom he recently reconciled after a difficult relationship marked by the Andalusian bullfighter’s opposition to assuming paternity over Díaz. .

For the bullfighter from Arganda del Rey It is “more important” that he is “the son of El Cordobés”, because this is his father. “This is how we feel in my family,” he stressed during the tribute, held at the Real Casa de Correos in Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the Government of the Community of Madrid, in which images of him in his different tasks were projected. throughout these three decades and in which Díaz Ayuso has conveyed “thank you very much for everything” when presenting him with the gift of the region.

Manuel Díaz El Cordobés has stressed the “excitement” that this tribute from the Community of Madrid causes him, although he has specified that the most important thing is “the recognition and affection of the public” that he has reaped in these years, as well as being able to “make a living from bullfighting.”

Díaz has had words of remembrance for all those who like himhave felt that passion for bullfighting without having managed to become matadors, which is why he has stated that every time he has dressed in lights he has done so “also in his honor.”