Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in its purest form in the face of the controversy at the Getafe Coliseum: “It is the dictatorship of the left”

Criticism is intensifying in the controversy over the name change of the Getafe stadium, which has gone from being called Coliseum Alfonso Pérez to simply Coliseum. The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has criticized the agreement between the Madrid City Council and Getafe CF to remove the name of former player Alfonso Pérez from the Coliseum. This decision has been made after her statements against the equalization of salaries for women’s and men’s football in an interview in The world. The former Real Madrid, Barcelona and National Team player himself, born in Getafe, has had to qualify his words.

“The dictatorship of the left is astonishing: a veteran former soccer player cannot even give his opinion if the power does not please him,” the Madrid leader wrote on her X account.

The Getafense City Council and the club have reached an agreement on the name change and have disapproved of the club’s comment in the interview on “the impossibility of a female player earning the same as her male teammates.” They have focused on the fact that this conveys the idea that football is a “mere economic business, instead of praising such important aspects of sport as improvement, effort or equality.”

Alfonso has gone out on his networks to clarify that he has “nothing against women” and has insisted that “men’s football generates much more income. It will never be possible to compare (men’s and women’s football).” And he has gotten into another puddle by slipping that “the same thing happens with models, that women have more impact on fashion than men.”