Isa Pantoja negotiates the wedding exclusive: her mother will not go unless she invites uncle Agustín

Impossible to reach an agreement. Isabel Pantoja don’t get out of the car. He is very clear that she will not attend the wedding of his daughter with Asraf Beno and One Pi continue in your thirteen not to invite tito to the event Agustin.

But the brother of the singer and his niece never got along, there is not the slightest feeling between them. Neither is Asraf a saint of the devotion of his brother. The tune shines by the absence of him.

The Pantoja brothers do not forgive the contempt that Isa’s boyfriend made them when he defined them as a family of shit. What a botch, what a castizo would say. They were different times.

Asraf’s relationship with Isa was in its early stages, it was not as strong as it is now. Few believed that this relationship had a future. And time has taken away their reason.

Isa and Asraf will marry civilly next September, and it will be held in Madrid, in an undetermined place, because exclusive rights must be protected. And it is very clear that the price will be much lower if Pantoja does not attend.

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From Isa’s environment we get the impression that in the end he will give up and send the invitation to that guy with whom he does not speak. Everything is for the money.

But it is difficult to forget the little affection shown by Agustín towards his niece during the years in which they both lived together on the Cantora farm.