Isa Pantoja explains why she has removed all the photos of her mother from her house: “The family can create trauma for you”

One Pantoja She is increasingly estranged from her mother. At first she had a hard time accepting her differences, but now she has accepted that her relationship is practically broken. The influencer spoke about it this Friday on Telecinco, two days of talking about Isabel Pantoja in a past interview.

“I don't feel abandoned by my mother, perhaps because now I have my own family,” he explained in his latest exclusive with the magazine Readings. So much so that in her new home there is not a single photograph of the tonadillera: “I removed the photo of my mother when I realized that I was not going to have a normal relationship with her again.”

The young woman has been asked about that gesture on the set of We'll see, where he has recognized that now his efforts are focused on his son, Albertito, nine years old. He doesn't want to confuse it with family problems. and, therefore, he does not think it is advisable for the little one to ask too many questions about his grandmother.

“I took down my mother's photo after the wedding. I have always been very cautious, but I want to talk. I don't think it's the parents' fault that you end up badly, but I do believe that the family is the basis of everything and can create trauma for you. “I have had a happy childhood and I take refuge in adoption because it seems like something so beautiful that it makes me forget about bad things,” she said.

“I think having a photo of my mother, in addition to being an artist, I think it doesn't reflect that she is neither my mother nor her grandmother. I have an envelope full of photos with her and that seems closer to me when I neither have a relationship with her nor do I think I have a relationship with her. My son asked me at the time, but he does it less and less. “She has had the opportunity to talk to me and my son and she has not done so,” the woman said. Asraf Beno.

The young woman will not prevent her son from interacting with his grandmother whenever he wants, but she wants to be careful with him. “It is normal that as an adult you decide what direction to take and who to interact with,” she said. And she has settled: “Maybe, when the child is older, my mother will want to have a relationship with him, but for my son the priority will be me, not her.”