Isa Pantoja, broken, reveals that Irene Rosales did not tell her about her brother’s stroke: “The world came crashing down on me”

One Pantoja has reappeared this Monday at work and has talked about everything that happened with his brother, Kiko Rivera, who last Friday was admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville after suffering a stroke. The young woman has not been able to visit him in the hospital. Neither does her mother. Isabel Pantoja. Irene Rosales He has already explained to the press that the presence of both could alter the DJ due to the family problems they are dragging on.

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“I have not been able to see my brother and I have not been able to talk to him directly either. What I know is because they transmit it to me,” Isa Pi confessed in Ana Rosa’s program.

On the one hand, the young woman has explained how she found out about the news of the admission. It was not through his sister-in-law: “That happens at three in the morning, I get up at half past seven to take my son to school and I find out from a friend of mine. The world comes crashing down on me. I try to get in contact with the whole world and it’s a matter of time before the news came out in the press”, she pointed out, annoyed. In this sense, she has added: “I don’t care if it was less serious, he has had a stroke and they have to notify me.”

On how his mother is dealing with what happened with Kiko, he has confessed: “I have spoken with my mother. She is being a support for me and the other way around I think that too. I don’t want to say how she finds out, or when she finds out. I I also have a son and my mother hurts me. I’m not going to allow her to be questioned because she wants to go.”

In this way, the young woman has come out in defense of her mother, implying that she has done everything in her power to visit her son: “We have to wait for him to come out and want to talk to us. He doesn’t know what to do anymore. I would want to see my family regardless of what has happened. I wasn’t going to upset him, just give him a hug. I would have liked it. We have worried about him,” Isa explained.

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As we said in previous paragraphs, Irene said this weekend that the presence of her mother and sister could emotionally upset Kiko, something not advisable in her condition. All after Isabel and her little soul did have a video call, as confirmed by Isa herself: “It is true that my mother called my brother and he gets upset.”

The young woman went to the hospital the same Friday to ask about her brother’s health, although Kiko was still in the special unit and the visits were restricted to one person, Irene. Kiko, who is already recovering on the floor, did receive visits from her cousin this weekend, Anabel Pantojaand other friends and relatives like Luis Rollan y Manuel Cortesthe son of Raquel Bollo y whip.