Isa Pantoja begins her honeymoon: this is the destination of the newlyweds

One Pantoja y Asraf Beno They passed through the altar last October 13. Although the cousin of Anabel Pantoja enjoyed his big day in the company of his loved ones, he did not overlook the absence of Isabel Pantoja y Kiko Rivera. With the hangover from the big day already in the pipeline, the newlyweds suffered a setback when choosing their honeymoon destination.

“I was going to go to Jordan, but as things are they have advised me against it,” the singer’s daughter said this Friday on the program. We’ll see. Far from diminishing his excitement about the trip, Isa Pi clarified that he already has other destinations in mind. “Now I’m considering going on a safari or going to Vietnam,” he confessed. For his part, Joaquín PratSeeing the influencer’s concern, he assured: “Southeast Asia is wonderful. A very good option.”

This morning, the newlyweds published a photograph on social media at the airport, about to embark on the trip of their dreams. In the post, both appear excited, with a coffee in their hands and loaded with suitcases.

Isa Pantoja does not forgive her mother’s absence

The influencer acknowledged that she remembered the tune player and the DJ during the day. Especially a few hours before going down the aisle. “Especially when she was alone, while I was getting dressed. They were with me Anabel y Dulce. I realized that they were super generous with me. There I remembered two people: my mother and my brother.” Likewise, the young woman admitted that she thought more about her brother Kiko than her, but that she did not want to receive messages from him.

“For him to send me a strange message that he doesn’t want to see me again in my life, I’ll pass. It doesn’t matter if he tells me anything,” he said. “My mother, for at least a month, was clear that she was not going to come. I have enjoyed the people who came and there are no more,” she said.