Is there really death? This theory holds that everything is in our consciousness

  • This scientist is based on the theory of biocentrism
  • It is quite similar to the theory of parallel universes
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From childhood we have the knowledge that life has different well-marked stages that range from the birth of a living being to its death. All these stages are within the so-called cycle of life and are known throughout the world. However, there is one that not all society perceives in the same way. There are people who see the last stage of life differently and have their own theories of what death entails.

An example of this is Robert Lanza, an American scientist who has published in his own blog a theory that confirms that life does not end after death, since it “does not exist.” To reach this conclusion, this scientist relied on the theory of biocentrism within quantum physics.

Something similar to the theory of parallel universes

This theory speaks of the fact that death is a concept associated with the death of a person's body but that it is not real. The theory of biocentrism is quite similar to the theory of parallel universes and according to this scientist life is like “a perennial flower that blooms again in the multiverse”.

To justify this theory, Robert Lanza also said that when we die we do not do it according to a random matrix but as an inescapable matrix and that death does not exist without space or time. This does not mean that there is perpetual immortality, but that it is out of time.