Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias seal the rumors about the end of their love with a movie kiss

Neither separation, nor lovers nor gossip: Irene Montero y paul churches They have taken advantage of the stage of the closing ceremony of the Autumn University of Podemos to silence mouths by joining theirs in a movie kiss, this Sunday at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid.

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The former Second Vice President of the Government attended the event of the purple formation to kick off the next regional and municipal elections in May 2023.

Iglesias highlighted the importance of Podemos in the Government and the work of his former party colleagues. A few words that filled the Minister for Equality with pride. Proof of this is Montero’s Instagram that, as soon as the act ended, he shared with his more than 200,000 followers the moment of making out with his boy.

Pablo and Irene began their romantic relationship in 2015 and together they have faced some difficulties, not only professionally (his resignation from all his positions) but also personal, such as the death of the minister’s father or the premature birth of their two Twins, Leo y Manuelwho are three years old now. A year later came the father.