Irene Lozano: “It is impossible for there to be fans now”

Irene Lozano, president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), was on the microphones of The spar of the Cadena Ser and clarified whether there will be a public in the stadiums during the eleven days that remain to be disputed in the competition, as stated by Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of Las Palmas, when Gran Canaria enters phase 3 of de-escalation. “Now it is impossible that there are fans in the stadiums. For a matter of sports character. The agreement reached with LaLiga is to resume it behind closed doors “.

On June 13, is it possible for fans to go to the stadiums ?: “It is impossible, you have to respect the integrity of the competition. There are many considerations in this regard but the most essential is sports. Respect the integrity of the competition, and since LaLiga is a national competition and we have all tried hard to that the training sessions were timed. I am a bit surprised that after the effort we have made to match what was out of tune, now suddenly in the last 100 meters we come to unbalance “.

Which is the reason?: “If you compare yourself to other places, the Bundesliga, where people have not entered. It is time to be patient. It is time to be all responsible. They cannot enter or congregate in the immediate vicinity. And if it happens, who will Are you responsible for that? Until all the forecasts are in the same phase of de-escalation, it is impossible for there to be football with the public. “

And when the alarm state ends: “Let's say that the sports factor of inequality would disappear and we would stick to the health issue. It depends on how the pandemic evolves and if there is a flare-up, because then it will have to be studied. At each stage, not to launch equivocal messages. It is important not to create confusion. The agreement with LaLiga was to resume it behind closed doors. If exceptionally another option could be given, it will be seen

Has the official proposal of the President of Las Palmas reached you ?: “Officially, no one has asked us. The President of Las Palmas has put it that way. A competition is made between many people, it is important that all collaborate. If everyone comes up inventing what their competition and rules are like, the product is not good. “

Will there be a public in the remaining eleven days ?: “Until all the guarantees are given, let us remember all the people who set out, until the doubt we are prudent. That is what my intuition says to me, we are prudent”.

Amateur Entry Protocol:When you can attend the stadiums publicly, you will have to work on what percentage of fans will be able to attend “.