Iraola: “We did things to be able to pass, we lacked legs”

Assessment of the match. We played a good game. We have done things to be able to pass, perhaps in the 60th minute we were missing legs and they have started to find the passes.

Locker room. The players are tired, they have beaten each other very well, Barca demands a lot and you have to compete to match them, but we lacked legs.

Espanyol. On Sunday we have another demanding match. We have to recover the players for Espanyol, that is why we have made changes to try to recover as many as possible for the league match.

Double side. The idea was for Fran to help us shut down the players on the inside, we would let them out on the outside. With the entry of Jordi Alba I have changed Fran, but it has already been complicated.

Recover players. We wanted to give continuity in the Cup and give minutes to those who had played less. And we have given minutes to those who had had less presence until now, the more we recover the better.

Risk with the advance system. We played very high, we needed to recover the ball in the opposite field to reach the opposite area. We have held the pressure as long as possible. In the end, it is our way of playing. If we retreated from the beginning, they were going to score us and it would be difficult for us to reach the opposite area.

Referee. The arbitration has been of a very high standard. He has not cut the game in the plays and I think it has been a high level refereeing.

No audience. We thought with the goal, that people would have enjoyed it and pushed. It is a handicap for the local teams, we hope they enjoyed it at home and we would have liked to go to the round