Iraola: “The fourth official told me in the second minute that it looked like I was being sent off today, he was right”

Match analysis: “The beginning has marked the game for us. It is always very difficult to overcome a score of this type and even more so against a team like Mallorca. They have been our mistakes, they have been there and they have taken advantage of them, especially the first two. We have done it. We tried, if we had scored after the break maybe we would have had options, but in the end the game was long. “

Calendar: “We come from two very complicated games (Elche and Mirandés) and we have two more (Barça and Espanyol). It is how the calendar has touched us. We probably would have chosen it differently. I am concerned about the injuries of Velázquez and Pozo, we are going to to be without them for a while. We have many casualties, some tired and we have recovered others, but they are not yet with that spark “.

Possible penalty not awarded to Isi: “Obviously they have hit him. His eye was very swollen, but they have looked at it in the VAR and they will not have considered it enough to whistle a penalty. I cannot say more.”

Recover troops for Barça: “I see it very difficult for Martín and Óscar Valentín to be there to receive Barça in the Cup. Those who have to test negative come from being unemployed and it will be necessary to assess to what extent they can risk.”

Low: “Velázquez has broken his quadriceps and was feeling bad. Unfortunately, I think we are going to lose him for quite a long time. Qasmi came from standing and I was afraid to start him. Today was a more difficult game for Baby. He Elche's day did well in that position. Let's see if we are getting into rhythm and we are getting Andrés, Montiel and Qasmi “.

Rotations: “Under normal conditions we do have enough squad to handle these situations, but they are not normal conditions now. We train little and we have many players out and some come from being unemployed. We knew it was going to cost us.”

His expulsion: “The fourth referee told me in minute two that I looked like I was going to the street today and he was right. I have not belittled the referee, nor have I said anything, but I have raised my arms. I knew I had to be still and standing in my place, but sometimes it is impossible. It happens to all the coaches, but that they expel us for that … I don't know. They can warn you with a yellow. That would have been enough. The bad thing is that I have to be two games off the bench. “

Lightning Shield / Flag

Luis García: “Our second part was 10”

“We played well during the first 25 minutes. From 0-3, Rayo, which is a very good team, has made us suffer. The rest was good for us to correct and we made a second half of ten. In addition, I have realized that we won the goalaverage”.