Iraola: “It was a very complete match, it leaves me feeling proud”


The Rayo Vallecano coach, Andoni Iraola, stressed that he had “a sense of pride” for the good performance of his players during Monday’s victory against Real Madrid, thanks to “a very complete game” and after “a terrible effort” and show “lots of personality”.

“The victory leaves me with a feeling of pride, especially for my players, who made a terrible effort today and showed a lot of personality, especially with the scenario that was set for us in the first half and after what the team had done and to be 1-2. Álvaro’s goal was key and I’m very happy for the players and the people who went to the stadium”, Iraola stressed at a press conference.

The Rayista coach stressed that they are “optimistic before every game” and that their players “usually fail little against these players.” “They tend to be well concentrated and this type of game doesn’t usually get past them, but today was a very complete game. We’ve been in the Real Madrid field for a long time, we’ve created many chances after stealing, playing a lot on the outside and even In the last few minutes that we were further back, the team behaved very well,” he explained.

The Gipuzkoan recalled that against this type of rival “you have to cover up many things” and warned that “sometimes without the ball you can also propose and choose how the game is going to go”. “At the level of duels, intensity and belief, the team has been very good,” he celebrated.

“My team has come out very well and psyched up. For us it was a phenomenal scenario and these are games that go for our style of play and at a tactical level, and also because we have a lot of heart and drive and these types of teams take you to the limit”, Iraola added.

On his expulsion, the one from Usurbil stressed that it occurred after requesting “a corner that was evident” and after having claimed other plays. “The punishment we have when we make a gesture is very big. The coaches have to understand many things and they understand us less”, he pointed out.

Finally, the Rayo Vallecano coach acknowledged that he would prefer there to be no break due to the World Cup in Qatar. “We would like to continue due to the good level of form and injuries that we have. We are in a good moment, then we will have to try to reset and continue on the path that we are now”, he sentenced.