Two years late, he celebrated Furstenberg’s Wrath his 80th birthday. The princess with an Austrian father and an Italian mother of the Agnelli family, owners of Fiat, wanted to hold a party in 2020 at the Liria Palace in Madrid to celebrate such an important age, but the pandemic and the long period of subsequent restrictions prevented it. prevented.

It was this Thursday when the one who was the wife of Alfonso de Hohenlohecreator of the splendid Marbella of the 60s, 70s and 80s, when he was able to gather around 60 guests, in the gardens of the Palacio de los Alba, in Madrid’s Calle de la Princesa.

Dinner in an imposing tent with open curtains and views of the French garden, mariachi and salsa music, and beautiful floral decorations distributed by Ira herself and by Beatrice de Orleans. And an exquisite menu, according to the guests, based on lobster gazpacho; hake with lemon joy and Khalix eggs; Roast beef with sweet potato muslin and vegetables from the garden. And for dessert, a varied buffet from Casa de Alba. All this washed down with wines from the Marqués de Riscal, Marqués de Vargas and French champagne.

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Ira, a friend of the Albas since the time she lived in the Marbella Club with Prince Alfonso and Duchess Cayetana, very close by, in her Marbella house in Las Cañas, has paid a fortune for the party, probably close to 100,000 euros. The Liria gardens are rented out to companies that hold their events there, but given the personality of the hostess, guests were allowed, something very exceptional, to tour the different private rooms of the palace and admire her fabulous collection of Goya paintings , Zurbarán, Tiziano or Rubens, a deference that is granted to almost no one in other paid celebrations, with guests from outside the family.

Friends of the princess, beautiful and elegant in a caftan-type tunic, arrived on time for the appointment, set for 9 at night. Friends from India, Holland, the United Arab Emirates, where Ira often travels, to expose her “precious objects”, the Philippines, another country she likes to visit, Turkey, French aristocrats and naturally, her Italian intimates . Ira resides most of the time in her house in her Rome and there she receives as only the great gentlemen of all life know how to do it.

Your son Hubert de Hohenlohe and his wife Simona Gandolfi they couldn’t miss. And among his Spanish friends, Isabel Preyslerwithout Mario Vargas Llosa, Miriam Lapiquewidow of Alfonso Cortina, Elena Cue y Alberto Cortina, Thomas Terry, Alfonso Diezthe last husband of Cayetana, Borja Prado Eulate and his wife, Carmen Martinez Bordiu, alone, without her Australian boyfriend. She was there too, but not until the end of dinner, Helen of Bourbon. It drew attention that the infanta and her ex-husband Jaime de Marichalaranother of the guests, did not even greet each other.

Fernando Martinez de Irujohis sister Eugenia and his nephews, Fernando y Carlos with their wives, Sofia Palazuelo y Belén Corsinirepresented the Alba family.

Nevertheless, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, the current holder of the dukedom, was not at the party. A detail of elegance on his part, since being a paid event, for which the House of Alba charges a price, it would not seem very correct, that the owner of the mansion was at the same time, one more guest who subtracted prominence to the occasional hostess of the palace.

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The party ended at 1 in the morning and the next day, Friday, Ira de Fürstenberg gave a cocktail, smaller, in his mansion in Madrid de los Austrias, for another group of friends.