Intrahistory of the images of Juan Carlos I and Bárbara Rey in the privacy that Telecinco shows today

There are just a few hours left for Telecinco to show photographs contributed by Angel Christ Jr to the program From Friday. “It has been ruled out to broadcast moving videos of the Emeritus with Barbara King, although we have them, but we are going to show still images that have never been seen before,” explains a source from the production company Mandarina, responsible for the space presented by Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona.

“All of Spain knows the facts but it is one thing to know what happened and another to see it,” he assures us. Bárbara Rey has already warned about some intimacies of Don Juan Carlos: “There are things that are too strong,” The star was publicly recognized. “There could be a second season” of her documentary, she even said: “There are things I would like to keep to myself,” the actress admitted. It won’t be like that. Not because she included them in her documentary but because her son, who seems to have betrayed her for money, had in her possession video and photographs that he himself took and that were beyond the control of Bárbara Rey herself.

“There are conversations and things that have happened in my life that are too strong because they can affect other people and I wouldn’t like that,” he revealed about Don Juan Carlos when he spoke on Antena 3 at the presentation of his documentary. He does not want to tell more details about the Emeritus so as not to harm him, as he says. “When two people have a relationship, there are moments when they talk about everything, everything on a professional, family, and emotional level. That can cover many things and I will reserve that for myself,” said the actress. But now we have learned that he actually blackmailed the former Monarch. According to her own son, he charged millions for years to hide what he is now going to teach. Or a part.

Reserved funds

Beyond the intimacy of Felipe VI’s father, the serious thing is that the colossal amounts of money that came to Bárbara Rey for many years came from the reserved funds of the Government itself, as various researchers have corroborated, citing former CNI agents with names and surnames. It was Zapatero who turned off the tap, they explain to us.

The testimony of Ángel Cristo Jr. about the photographs that he himself took of Don Juan Carlos when he was reunited with his mother has put even former members of the security service of the previous head of state on alert. The intimate photos of King Juan Carlos I and Bárbara Rey show scenes that everyone imagined but that no one has seen: “She was wearing a miniskirt without underwear,” when the Monarch’s hand moved, they tell us. and he…” These are just some of the photos with which, according to Ángel Cristo Jr’s story, Bárbara Rey blackmailed King Juan Carlos I. It is ruled out “because it is too strong” for “an video that he had of the two in a compromising situation,” they reiterate. But we will see photos in which very revealing images are seen.

Angel Christ Jr. He suffered a lot when his mother sent him to Totana’s house to unlock his grandfather’s sofa to remove the tapes, which she had brought there. But now the confessions of Bárbara Rey’s son are left behind in which he accused the former star of being a bad mother, of putting “Orfidal in the bottle” and of having him as a servant at all hours. Nor are we talking about him having to witness his father’s mistreatment of his mother, whom he even shot with a gun. Ángel Cristo Jr said that in his house there were “drugs, alcohol and prostitutes.”

But what transcends is that his mother commissioned him to take intimate photos of her with King Juan Carlos I, to blackmail him. “There has always been a lot of cash in my mother’s room. It came from payments that were periodically made to my mother for blackmailing the king of Spain,” she said.

Let us remember that when Ángel Cristo Jr.’s recorded interview was broadcast a week ago, Bárbara Rey was in the funeral home of her hometown, Totana (Murcia), burying her brother Salvador, who died after losing a years-long fight against cancer. . Juan Carlos I was in Spain, at the regattas in Sanxenxo (Galicia). On Sunday he landed in Vitoria to undergo medical check-ups before returning to Abu Dhabi.

Ángel Cristo said that the version that his mother (and himself) had given until now does not correspond to reality. He spoke after breaking the scandal about the motivations that have led the star’s son to rebel: he has debts with his ex due to the fight in court over the support of his daughter.

“She always thought about blackmail”

Other sources corroborate the current version of the totanera’s son: “She always thought about doing blackmail. She always told me, I have recorded everything, everything, what I talk to him about. I am recording everything. She had like 20 or 30 tapes, sure,” she told her friend Hortensia Blázquez, as has now become known. “One day he summoned the King to his house and that’s when he made the video. He recorded him and then he summoned him again to his house and that’s when he took the photographs, 37 slides. He asked his son to take them. I killed with that, I couldn’t stand it.”

According to Bárbara Rey’s friend, the content of those images is devastating. “They were made on the porch of her house. She was wearing a minimal, minimal miniskirt and no underwear underneath. She offers his majesty a glass of wine and he touches her here and there.” “She was asking for that blackmail 12 billion of the old pesetas and the king never, never gave her the money. Even though he asked for it, he never gave it to him because he said he didn’t have it.”

Barbara’s alleged intentions included, according to her friend have a son from King Juan Carlos, in addition to ‘placing’ her in a good job. “He always told me: ‘I just want you to put me in a Ministry,'” she said. “What she always wanted was to get pregnant but there our monarch was very intelligent.”

Video compromised in Barbara’s bedroom where the situation is much more…

In the interview with Hortensia Blázquez that Sálvame broadcast six years ago, she recounted the unease that her friend Bárbara explained to her when she began to feel watched: “I can’t live anymore, for me it was like a nightmare. I already started to notice that the phones had a different sound and I told a friend: ‘Look, I can’t live, I’m incredibly uneasy,’ he told her.

This version coincides with what Ángel Cristo now says: “Bárbara hid the sensitive material in this lady’s house without her knowing and there are three things: recordings (audios), a video and some photographs.” He also talked about how Bárbara Rey’s son took the photos. Chelo García Cortés confessed this Thursday in Espejo Público that she taught him how to take photos: “I know the person who teaches Ángel how to take photos, because he was 13 years old, with what camera and how to take photos. He was from slides the camera. Yes, it is true that there was a plate of photographs. He says that he took many but they only left 37. They were taken from the hedge in Barbara’s garden and she, knowing that the child is hidden there, goes out with King Juan Carlos, It is displayed there to be photographed.

There is also a very committed video of Bárbara Rey and King Juan Carlos: It is supposedly made in Bárbara’s bedroom where the situation is much more… The child does not do that but I do know more or less how the device could have been placed who recorded that and I know people who have seen those images.