Intra-story of Juan Ortega's non-wedding: the priest told him to cancel the wedding

New information about the bullfighter's sit-in with his girlfriend Carmen Otte. After ten years of dating, they were scheduled to say “I do” last Saturday in Jerez in front of 500 guests, but Juan Ortega decided to cancel the link just half an hour before the start. “She had doubts and called the priest who was going to marry them, a family friend who had come from Barcelona specifically. It was he who told her to cancel the wedding.”they have revealed.

The right-hander, a deeply religious man, followed the priest's advice despite the consequences. And he not only communicated his doubts but also the pressure to which he had been subjected to get there: “He didn't want to get married but Carmen was excited and felt pressure to do so. When they started to organize everything, he told his girlfriend that he was overwhelmed by such a big party, with press and so many guests,” they said in TardeAR. In fact, they claim that Carmen got angry with him on several occasions for “not getting involved” in the preparations.

The environment affirms that the bride is “devastated, she does not stop crying”, and that her parents are “in shock”: “They did not expect it, he was one of the family, they loved him like a son.” However, Juan Ortega is not having a good time either: “It has been and is very difficult for him.”

After the disappointment, come the problems: “The bride's family is very discreet and they are not going to sue him because they do not want a scandal, but they do not intend to pay the wedding expenses.” An amount that rises, according to YASat 90,000 euros between flowers, suits, banquet and party, honeymoon… “The parents demand that the bullfighter bear all the expenses, even those that they had already covered, such as Carmen's dress.”