Inter launches for Achraf and offers 40 million, according to 'Sky'

Achraf's future could lie with Inter. According to Sky Sports reports, the Italian club would be close to closing the hiring of the winger, who wants to be important in a leading team in Europe. Real Madrid would have agreed to negotiate for the footballer, currently on loan at Borussia Dortmund, and the operation could be closed for an amount close to 40 million euros. As reported by AS, the Italian club and United followed closely, as did Bayern. Inter have been interested in Achraf for two summers, when they finally left on loan to Dortmund for two seasons.

Achraf's great season in the Bundesliga has sparked the interest of other major clubs on the continent. Guardiola's City or Bayern Munich have been interested in taking over their services. Also his current club, Dortmund, who does not give up and hopes to stay with him next season. “His contract is ending, but we are interested in finding a solution with him and with Real Madrid,” said Zorc, the entity's sports director.

However, Achraf's environment remained calm while waiting for the season to end to define his future. His agent, Alejandro Camano, already said in Onda Madrid that the white club was his plan for the future: “We do not want to stray too far from Real Madrid. For him it is like his home, he will be a Real Madrid player all his life.” The representative also confirmed that he came to claim half of Europe.

However, there is an important nuance in defining your future. At 21, Achraf has a great margin for growth and wants to be a starter. “Achraf wants to play games. He is very young, very good, but you have to play games. We will reach an agreement for whatever, but thinking of playing at some point in what for him is the best team in the world, Real Madrid. “

Now Inter has crossed his path and, always according to Sky's information, he has presented a succulent offer. Real Madrid, apparently ready to negotiate, could lose one of its biggest promises. It is unknown if there would be a buyback option. The next few hours are decisive in the future of one of the great sensations of European football 2019-20.